Carriermen: The Roleplay

This Thread will be about a RP set in a Pacifica where Humans never evolved, instead, 2 other species evolved: The Lemurians(Descended from Giant Lemurs) and the Grik(Humanoid Raptors). My primary Story will be set on the ERNS Jason I CV-10, and the ERNS Edwardia as they are transported to this new reality via a mysterious green squall. The Lemurians have encountered transported humans before, that being 3 Sedunnic Sailing Vessels(Most likely Including the 3rd Tapparad, if @Qwert allows for it of course), which means that they have managed to map the area. The Grik have also encountered them before(but with a much less peaceful meeting). Those who want to be involved, simply post a brief explanation of the ship you are using, it’s name, and plans for its story. NOTE: The Latest Date of Transition is 1945, also, Pacifica-Main world ships(and planes!) must be transported via Squall, that is of green color.

Based On The Destroyermen Book Series by Taylor Anderson.

First Story Post Will Be Up Sometime Tomorrow!


RP’er: KingTEM
Name Of Vessel(s): ERNS Jason I CV-10, ERNS Edwardia C-04
Types: Carrier, Heavy Cruiser
Date Of Transfer: November 14th, 1945
Faction: Emeraldian Royal Navy
Prominent Characters: Captain Edward Rivers, Commander John “Vulture” Kelley, Prince-Lt. Cmdr Lucas Nelson, Chief Nurse Sandra Tompkins, Aiden Sudov.

Lemurian Homes: Salissa(KingTEM, Located around the Raanbow Islands), Farrik-Ar(Pending, Located Near The Frosst Islands), Nerracca(Pending, Located Somewhere near Besaarn), Maanti-At(Pending, Located Near Thaalaap Island Chain), and Vimmcaa(Pending, Located Near Suhdunn)

Grik Empire: Northern Bailtem, Eastern Rainbow Islands.

Update: The First Story Post will be Tomorrow instead of Today due to a myriad of things

Update 2-19-23: I will eventually post, but not today due to numerous reasons, but definitely sometime this week.