Cake or Pie? the Poll

It is my understanding that Discourse has some neat poll features.

In honour of these, I created what seems like the obvious poll for TSP: the desserts one. Go vote!

TSP Desserts
  • Cake
  • Pie
  • Independesserts (cookies, ice cream, kale, etc.)

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(Cake is better.)

What about cake and pie merged into one dessert?

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That’s not a real dessert, but if it were, I refer you to the “independesserts” option.

What about if you value cake and pie equally?

Sorry, that’s strictly banned.


And what if you don’t care which one is better?

Also strictly banned, I’m afraid.

I not as well that the ratio of votes to commentary from the peanut gallery is disturbingly low.

Yay cake!

(Well I actually chose the independesserts thingy)

Choose pie or else /j

Haha no

When the pie gods drown you in pie I told you so

Hmm when the cake gods drown you in cake, mm

If I refuse to believe they exist, they don’t

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I’m Team Ice Cream. Sorry ;-;

Ice cream is fine with me

I just want to note that the correct option is winning :person_shrugging:



edit: wtf discourse who are you to correct my grammar

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Code. A lot of it.



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Thank you, I try.