A miner incident (Rehy-Galactya first contact)

”Interesting, most interesting. Your military is staggeringly enormous, yet you don’t seem to possess an aggressive or authoritarian behavior at all. I assume your nations are quite… focused on defending themselves then. Although, I wonder why that is. Did your people have to face many external threats during their expansion through the stars?"


Ku-dyko changed the hologram to a timeline:
“Rehy is a Rehy.”
Do-pilot Desysy: “That probably didn’t translate very well.”
Ku-dyko worded the statement differently, attempting to get the sentence to translate better: “Rehy means ‘Collected Military Alliance’ as it was originally so. Rehy was formed to protect smaller nations.”
“Our nature is of more influence by The Ssca dispute. For about 30’000 years Ssca caused the Ssca dispute. This ended 7’153 BBT, after 51 years for Cold War and 10 years for The Third Ssca War. 51 years for Cold War is the reason why we are in space.”
“A few hours ago I said ‘We now are recovering as Ssca has been gone for about 2’000 years. We now ready our selves to confront any future such threats.’ This is the answer.”


”Mhh… I see. Well, I have to admit that I am very surprised and happy to see a nation that doesn’t harbor an excessively jingoistic behavior regardless of their previous history of hardship and conflict."

”It also surprises me to see that the Ssca dispute has been ongoing for such a long time. Tell me, how long ago did your people first leave their home planet?"


Ku-dyko: “In 7’213 BBT Screea transferred the Defence Defence headquarters to Ki Sca-scrscr class ship Deky, we entered space before The Third Ssca War…Captain He do you know when we first entered space?”

Captain He: “8’434 BBT. Reik sent a space station into space to orbit Ruka.”

A engineer from across the table pipes up, making a deep rattling noise: “Then they tried to divided Scayikra with borders. And called Sluea terrorists. Then collapsed.”

Do-pilot Desysy: “Reik did a dumb happened 400 years earlier.”

Engineer: “Doesn’t change what they did.”

Individual next to the engineer: “Doesn’t change that Reik first put our people in space-“

Ku-dyko makes a loud beak clack, and they settle down: “Back on topic.”


”Our original - and now extinct - baseline species first entered orbit around our home planet little over 9700 years ago, but the truly significant efforts and operations only began following the Foundation of the Empire, 9698 standard years ago."

”Also, would any of you be able to tell me a bit more about Rehy’s extension through space? If it’s not a problem, I’d like to also know how your systems and planets are developed, as in, how much infrastructure do they have both on surface and in orbit, if you carry out any form of planetary engineering, and if you happen to have any large megastructures. I’ll tell you about Galactya’s side of things too, of course."