87.7 NS Dial Music Submissions!

welcome back @jspr !

Lucky - Britney Spears (Early '60s / “Hairspray” Style Cover) ft. Jeffrey James

i remember my mum singing this song to me when i was young</straight face lie>

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Go avont guard and claim we’re listening to john cage’s 4’33? 4′33″ - Wikipedia to explain the joke

Maze Town - A ZU NA

We’ve just entered September, so guess what time it is?

After a couple of days, I’ve found another piece of music to add to the rotation:

Me and My Husband by Mitski.

Genyou Yakou — Cerise Bouquet

Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On

I’ve moved to updating the songs on Saturdays, barring one of the Ministers or the Delegate taking it back to a 3 day schedule.