[2245.AB] Local Council Assembly Representative

So this is something directly from the Charter. However, it’s only ever so slightly changing the document, in fact, it’s only getting rid of one sole sentence. Or wait, maybe two.

It’s about the Local Council.

For me, I feel like the sentence that is in red is not needed, nor does it make complete sense. The Charter shouldn’t push Local Councilors to send a representative to the Assembly – they just should join the Assembly themselves (for as long as they please). Now, if one either can’t or doesn’t want to join the Assembly, that’s understandable. Point is that the Charter should not “encourage LCs to be members of the Assembly for their term,” because it seems like a completely unnecessary part of the Charter. This does not mean that LCs should not join the Assembly though.


The Charter of the South Pacific: V. The Local Council

(1) The Local Council will be the local government of the in-game community, composed of three or more residents of the South Pacific, and will represent the interests of all players in the region, moderate the Regional Message Board, encourage activity on the gameside, and administrate itself on issues unique to the in-game community.

(2) The Local Council is entitled to self-administration within its jurisdiction on local issues, but may not pass laws or regulations that contradict this Charter or constitutional laws passed by the Assembly. To that end, the Assembly may not enact any law, nor the Cabinet deliver any directive, that is solely related to an issue local to the in-game community, except as done under the terms of this Charter.

(3) The Local Council may not be denied the authority to run regional polls, create and pin Dispatches, and to suppress messages on the Regional Message Board according to a standard moderation policy. However, it may not alter the regional flags or tags, and may not send out mass telegrams, without the approval of the Delegate.

(4) To help promote inter-governmental relations, the Local Council may send a representative to the Assembly whose term must not exceed the Local Council’s. The method of selection will be decided by the Local Council.

feedback is welcomed :slight_smile:


I support this.

This little clause was placed in the Charter under the expectation that the LC would actually be a home rule body and not RMB moderators.

Since they don’t do home rule, and haven’t used this section in several years, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t.


Glad to see your support!

Well, at least you are now acknowledging the reality of the uselessness of the Local Council.

I’m not doing that. While the Local Council itself may not be useless, this part of it is.

Let’s not make this thread another one of those ones for LC abolishment.

The real reason this is silly is that any member of the Local Council who wishes to speak in the Assembly can apply to become a Legislator :slight_smile:

Oh wait, that’s why the Local Council is silly.

Support, or something, but with a healthy scoop of “lol”.

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It kind of is silly! Because…well…yeah. They can just become a Legislator and it is as easy as that!

Nice to have your support :slight_smile:

I see little to no reason not to support this, and I think what you say would be better, I support this.

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Thank you Cryo

This is a friendly bump reminding y’all that this proposal is still taking feedback! We hope for a lively discussion here.

I’d rather see the Local Council abolished altogether and RMB moderators serve in their stead, but that is outside the scope of this specific amendment.

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I support the LC however this clause I believe is stupid.

I motion this to a vote.


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I support this for the sole reason of it deleting something mentioning the LC.



A2210.02 | Local Council Assembly Representative


Please be advised that the vote to remove formal Local Council representation in the Assembly has been opened. This is an amendment to a constitutional law and as such will remain at vote for 5 days.

Legislators may cast their vote here.

This bill was passed by the Assembly, and the debate thread is being closed per the Legislative Procedure Act , Article 1, Section 9.